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If Biden’s Senile Like They Say, Then Why’s He Running Circles Around the Right?


This Thursday, America gets its long-awaited moment as Joe Biden holds his first press conference as president. Actually, I doubt most people care. I did not sense at my daughter’s soccer game Sunday that the assembled parents were consumed with thoughts of the presidential debut; not a single person has mentioned it on the neighborhood list-serv.

But there’s one group of people who can’t wait—the right-wingers who’ve convinced themselves, although thankfully not the rest of America, that Biden has advanced dementia and has lost his marbles and is supposedly under intense sedation that the press is covering up as he robotically mouths the words that Kamala or Bernie or AOC have instructed him to speak. They’ve been waiting for this moment just like they waited for the debates against Trump that were finally going to prove to America that Biden wasn’t all the way there. And now Biden is there, in the White House, and Trump is an afterthought. Same thing Friday: If Biden answers questions with basic cohesion, he’s cleared the low bar that these conservatives have set with their dumb, phony claims.

It’s really hilarious and pathetic. The modern American right is, in a democratic context (i.e., no state-run media, no secret police, etc.), history’s most powerful, ruthless, and effective attack machine. Yet they can’t lay a glove on Biden. It makes them insane. And of all the things to like so far about the Biden era, the solid appointments and the progressive goals and the amazing relief bill and so on, this is easily my favorite thing.

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