I. Coast seeks to defuse troops' mutiny as unrest spreads

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Lieutenant-Colonel Issiaka Ouattara (left) speaks with Archbishop Paul-Simeon Ahouanan Djro as unrest sweeps through Ivory Coast's second city of Bouake, on January 7, 2017Bouaké (Ivory Coast) (AFP) – Ivory Coast’s defence minister on Saturday headed to the northern city of Bouake where troops have seized control, firing rocket launchers in the streets in an angry protest over pay. As the country’s second city, Bouake was the headquarters of an armed rebellion that broke out in 2002 and split Ivory Coast in two until 2011. “We are going to talk with our men, hear their complaints and find solutions to this situation that is understandable but regrettable,” Defence Minister Alain-Richard Donwahi said in a televised address before his departure.


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