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How Tom Cotton Went From ‘Send in the Troops’ to Stopping Trump

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When you think of Tom Cotton, you probably think of the senator who wanted to use the military to bash Black Lives Matter protesters. And when you think of the 2020 presidential election, you probably think of Republicans being complicit with Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the election results. But that’s a little too simple.

According to David Drucker’s new book In Trump’s Shadow: The Battle for 2024 and the Future of the GOP, we should include Cotton, usually thought of as a cartoonish villainous figure by the chattering classes, as a hero of liberal democracy.

In case you’ve forgotten, in the lead up to Jan. 6, there was a push for Republicans in Congress to reject the certification of Electoral College votes for the presidential election. Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz started a bidding war on on who could get the most credit for pledging to object to certification. Then, at the moment when it looked like there might be a critical mass of Republicans jumping on the bandwagon, Cotton announced he would stand up against Trump’s push and support certification.

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