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How Many Americans Died Because of Donald Trump’s Cruel Lies?

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The president knew and didn’t tell you.

During Nixon’s impeachment the question was asked by GOP senator Howard Baker: “What did the president know and when did he know it?” With the release of Bob Woodward’s Trump tapes, we are again asking that same question about what the president knew and when he knew it. The Woodward tapes make one thing resoundingly clear: The president knew everything, all of it. And he knew it on Feb. 7. We now know unequivocally that the president knew and did nothing, and now almost 200,000 Americans are dead and millions more are suffering from long-haul symptoms.  

On Feb. 7, the day after Trump had a conversation with President Xi of China, the president of the United States told journalist Bob Woodward that COVID-19 was “more deadly than your, you know, your—even your strenuous flus.” And then he continued saying, “This is five per—you know, this is 5 percent versus 1 percent and less than 1 percent, you know. So, this is deadly stuff.” 

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