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How Big-Time Right-Wing Trolls Andy Ngo and Tim Pool Tied Waukesha Killings to Black Lives Matter

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Hours after a suspect was detained by the police in Waukesha after an SUV went careening into a Christmas parade, injuring dozens and killing five people, far-right provocateurs went searching for a motive late Sunday night. In short order, they found a spurious if viral-ready and inflammatory one: the Black Lives Matter movement.

Darrell Brooks, age 39, the alleged driver of the SUV, has a long rap sheet, including convictions for a slew of sexual crimes and violent offenses. Per multiple reports, Brooks was out on bail, awaiting charges after allegedly attempting to run over the mother of his child. On Monday, the Milwaukee district attorney described the $1,000 which had been assessed in that case as “inappropriately low.” Prior to the parade, Brooks had allegedly committed another, unrelated act of domestic violence and then chose to leave the scene before the police arrived there.

For now, there are no indications of any additional motive for driving his SUV through the parade, or any reasons to label it domestic terrorism, Waukesha police chief Daniel Thompson said in a press conference Monday afternoon. “We are confident that he acted alone,” Thompson added.

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