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How Biden Wins the Voters Who Don’t Think Trump’s a Fascist

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Now we know why Mike Bloomberg got that primo convention speaking spot, although we should note that he’s getting off cheap. Back in January, he was talking about spending $1 billion to defeat Donald Trump. By summer, it was hundreds of millions. Now he’s down to $100 million, and only in Florida. 

But hey. It’s still a lot of dosh. And Florida is the game. Consider: If Joe Biden wins Hillary Clinton’s states and Florida, that’s 262 electoral votes right there. He would need to win only one of these states—Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, or North Carolina—to top 270.

So it’s good that Bloomy is spending this money. But the question is, on what? Aimed at whom? Here we get to a reality I suspect a lot of liberals aren’t thinking about, which is this. You and I and nearly everybody we know thinks Trump is a fascist. But a lot of people don’t, and this election is probably going to be decided by people who don’t think Trump is a fascist. And Joe Biden has to talk more to them than to us.

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