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How Biden and the Democrats Can Expand Their Majority

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Are Republicans going to help Democrats save the republic, or have they abandoned democratic order for authoritarianism? That’s one question that will define the Joe Biden presidency and next generation of America—one that the incoming president should diplomatically, but forcefully, challenge the GOP to answer in his upcoming inaugural address.

Then, he should reassert his presidential thesis: The Democratic objective—to quell domestic extremism, the pandemic, and its explosive economic inequality—must be a bipartisan American imperative. And this can’t be an olive branch alone but also an ultimatum: If you don’t disown Trumpism, we will brand you forever as the authoritarian party.

The Republican Party’s anti-democratic fanaticism clearly helped Democrats secure their long-shot twin Georgia victories and a tenuous Senate majority for the next two years. The malicious declarations of fraud since Election Day, veteran Georgia political reporter Greg Bluestein told me, certainly peeled away more traditionally Republican voters in the run-offs.

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