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Here’s What’s Wrong With These Unions’ Vax Resistance

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When Joe Biden followed the lead of local Democratic officials and announced this week that federal employees and contractors would have to be vaccinated or else tested constantly and barred from traveling, the reaction from union leadership was swift and largely negative.

With the people who were most eager to be jabbed having already done so and the Delta variant spreading across America, vaccinations have turned from a mass event to an individual one. No longer are people grabbing midnight appointments at sports stadiums or posting selfies on social media. The rush has slowed to a trickle, to the point where Biden also encouraged states to pay people $100 for getting vaccinated.

But as the country grapples with the right way to encourage vaccination, while allowing people to maintain some semblance of personal choice, unions have been openly opposing any push to force their members to vaccinate. This is particularly true of public sector unions.

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