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Here Are the Juiciest Bits From the Secret JFK Document Dump


The National Archives and Records Administration released 1,500 secret documents related to John F. Kennedy’s assassination Wednesday. The 1963 killing shocked the nation and continues to arouse fascination in historians and conspiracy theorists alike.

The National Archives’ document dump was slated to come a year ago, but President Joe Biden delayed it, blaming the coronavirus pandemic. Another launch date was scrapped a month ago. Some files, originally promised to be released with those that came out Wednesday, will be withheld until December 2022. Congress mandated that all the Warren Commission documents be made public by 2017 in 1992. According to the National Archives, more than 90 percent of the records relating to the assassination have been released.

Though these documents may not reconfigure the assassination in the American imagination, here are some of the juiciest bits from the once-hidden cables.

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