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Greg Gutfeld Proves, Yet Again, That Conservative Comedy’s Just Stuff Your Drunk Aunt Yells at a Wedding

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The hype leading up to it touted a late-night satire from the right, a high production-value show with veteran TV heft behind it and an enormous, ready-made cable news audience served on a platter. The most powerful force in late night had a clear liberal bent; red staters were ready for their own Jon Stewart. On the night of its premiere, about a million and a half people tuned in. Critics, however, hated it, noting in blistering reviews that the show committed the No. 1 sin in comedy, which is that all of the jokes sucked.

No, I’m not talking about Greg Gutfeld’s unfunny new late night Fox News show, Gutfeld!. I’m talking about The ½ Hour News Hour, a 2007 show that bombed so badly that it remains, to this day, one of the worst-reviewed shows of all time.

The ½ Hour News Hour was supposed to be a Daily Show for conservatives unleashed like a cloud of sewer gas toward the end of the George W. Bush era. Brought to Fox News audiences by the creator of the megahit 24, it featured Rush Limbaugh in a recurring role as a fake president and a cartoon called Guy White: Closet Conservative, which was about a man who worked in an office full of liberals and tried to keep his ideology a secret.

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