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Greg Abbott’s ‘Texas Values’ Are a Sick and Lethal Contagion

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Gov. Greg Abbott—triple vaccinated counting a booster not available to plebes like us until September—is quarantining after testing positive on Tuesday for a breakthrough COVID infection. Will that help him finally see that, like a rock breaks scissors, a virus overpowers politics?

Don’t bet on it. The Lone Star State is where the lieutenant governor last year boasted that citizens would happily throw grandma from the train for the momentary high of telling Dr. Anthony Fauci to go Fauci himself. Gov. Abbott one-upped his number two with a deeply unconservative order this year banning any school board or local government from mandating masks, claiming that face coverings for kids too young to get the vaccine is too high a price to pay for actual schooling.

He’s just not that into doing the right thing, even when it would cost nothing and save lives as the Delta variant is running rampant through his state. Nationwide, more than 121,000 child Covid-19 cases were reported last week, about 99% of them due to the Delta variant. Pediatric ICUs are being overrun the way adult ones were last year. This is before the first school bell rings.

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