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Greg Abbott’s D.C. Migrant Bus Is a Dehumanizing Political Stunt

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After years of Republican doomsaying, a bus of undocumented immigrants finally arrived in Washington, D.C. But these migrants didn’t end up in the nation’s capital by choice—they were shipped to the Beltway by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in a craven publicity stunt that dehumanizes migrants and further humiliates the state of Texas.

Abbott’s bus stunt comes after the governor directed the Texas Division of Emergency Management to scoop up any migrants released from federal custody and ship them to other states. And so they readied the mission, securing 900 buses capable of transporting up to 40 migrants at a time until Texas has made its political dysfunction someone else’s problem. Abbott reportedly said a second bus is en route to D.C. right now. And if buses don’t get the job done fast enough, Abbott has plans to charter private flights to Washington on the taxpayer dime.

While the governor’s gambit may delight the talking heads at Fox News—one of Abbott’s migrant buses dropped three dozen immigrants off just a few feet away from the network’s Washington headquarters—it also marks a clear acceleration in Texas’ rightward shift toward dehumanizing women, minorities, and migrant communities.

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