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Greg Abbott Takes the Lead in the GOP’s Race to the Bottom

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Now that Donald Trump has been banned from Twitter, reduced to crashing the occasional Mar-a-Lago wedding and delivering color commentary on stunt boxing matches along with the occasional Fox News hit, there are a host of thirsty governors and senators competing for attention—all of them happy to kill their constituents if that’s what it takes to be the new face of the zombie Republican party.

For a while, it looked like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, busy banning masking mandates and vaccine passports even as the Delta variant slams his state, was the future of cruel and crazy. Here was a governor willing to blow up the cruise ship industry his state counts on to appease his anti-vaxxer base and extract some liberal tears in the process. He’s been selling “Don’t Fauci my Florida” as the death count in the Sunshine state nears 350 people a day.

But it’s Texas’s Greg Abbott who’s pulled ahead of the likes of DeSantis and North Dakota’s Kristi Noem, who keeps cheering on mass spreader events in her state, in the race to the bottom.

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