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GOP Snowflakes Whine About Unity as They Try to Kneecap Biden


Joe Biden is off to a pretty impressive start. Not a single false public note, from the wonderful ceremony the night before his inauguration honoring the COVID dead (see, a president can actually do these things provided that president is a decent and mature human being) to his on-point inaugural address to Jen Psaki’s strange insistence on not lying to and picking at journalists.

The executive orders are great, especially the one on racial equity, which is quite brave. It orders all executive branch agencies to study the extent to which their policies perpetuate systemic racism and make changes where needed. There’s going to be massive blowback on this one, which indeed has already started. The right-wing agitproppers are going to try to whip white people into a rage about this. But Biden seems intent on forcing an awareness of the hidden (to most white people, not to Black or brown people) ways that racism infiltrates so many aspects of life. No president has ever touched this. He deserves huge credit.

On the right—from some members of Congress, some pundits, on down to my Facebook page—we’re already hearing the predictable, contemptible whine about he’s being divisive: So this is what you call unity? That sort of thing. Please. He ran on these things. He said he was going to do them, and he’s doing them. That’s not being divisive. That’s keeping campaign promises.

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