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GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Calls Out His Party's ‘Grifting Scam’ Election Challenges, Warns of Violence


Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) called out members of his own party and President Donald Trump on Sunday for refusing to acknowledge that Trump lost the election, warning of potential violence if Republicans continue their “grifting scam” to challenge the results.

With a number of the president’s allies in the House and Senate signaling that they will disrupt Congress’ Jan. 6 certification of the Electoral College vote in a last-ditch effort to steal the election, Kinzinger took to Twitter over the weekend to chastise Trump and the “congressional grifters.”

“My God. Trying to burn the place down on the way out because you can’t handle losing. No evidence, nothing but your temper tantrum and crazy conspiracies. Embarrassing,” the Illinois congressman tweeted in response to Trump cheering on the effort.

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