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Glenn Youngkin Joins the GOP’s Crew of Kinder, Gentler Killers

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Based on his early moves to sideline hot-button issues like abortion and gun rights, Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin is joining the ranks of popular GOP middle-of-the-road governors like Larry Hogan in Maryland (68 percent approval), Charlie Baker in Massachusetts (69 percent approval) and Chris Sununu in New Hampshire (54 percent approval).

You could call them the party’s kinder, gentler political killers, to borrow a line from George H.W. Bush, whose chief of staff was Chris Sunnunu’s father John.

That crew now includes Youngkin, who can only serve one term under Virginia law, but the sky’s the limit for him in Republican politics if he can scale up the model he followed to turn the state red again by bringing college-educated suburban women back into the GOP fold.

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