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Giuliani’s Crew of Misfits and Hucksters Storms Into the Hunter Biden Wars

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty/Alamy

Bo Dietl, the bombastic private investigator, was on a mission. Unfortunately for him, the Amtrak announcer wouldn’t shut up about passengers putting on their masks.

“This fucking guy wants to be an actor,” Dietl grumbled as his Acela train idled in New York’s Penn Station on Thursday morning.

The former NYPD detective turned eccentric media personality was on his way to Washington to meet with one of the largest financial whistleblowers of all time. And he was eager to preview the dirt he hoped to get: information on former Vice President Joe Biden’s youngest son Hunter that had allegedly been obtained through a laptop computer and journal that the younger Biden had left at the Massachusetts home of his one-time shrink, a disgraced former Fox News pop-psychiatrist who recently had his medical license revoked and his office raided by federal agents.

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