German auto industry pleads for free trade in Detroit

Attendees look at the the Volkswagen lineup of cars and SUVs during the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan on January 9, 2017Germany’s auto industry on Monday argued for freer trade within North America and between the United States and Europe, as global auto brands gathered to showcase their wares in Detroit. The plea at the opening of the annual Detroit auto show comes as auto makers brace for continued confrontation with US President-elect Donald Trump, who has threatened to slap import tariffs on several major manufacturers for selling Mexican-made cars on the US market. At a news conference at the start of the show, Matthias Wissmann, head of German auto federation VDA, underscored that member companies, which include BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler, had quadrupled production in the US since 2009, producing 850,000 vehicles in the United States in 2016.


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