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Georgia GOP Goes All Out to Suppress Black Votes Amid MAGA Civil War

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In a one-two punch of authoritarian maneuvering shocking in both its scope and its severity, Republicans are fighting to hollow out the right to vote for millions of Black and brown Georgians. And what they can’t take away in the state Senate, the GOP plans to gut with a new Trump-aligned secretary of state.

With MAGA Congressman Jody Hice now fighting to unseat noted Trump enemy and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Republicans are making clear there is no room in the party for officials willing to stand up against Trumpian authoritarianism.

The raft of brutal voter-suppression laws winding their way through Georgia’s state legislature offers just a taste of the future Republicans hope to inflict on citizens they see as left-leaning, before those citizens succeed in removing them from power. Passing the federal voting-rights protections in House Democrats’ For the People Act won’t be enough to stop these Republicans: Democrats must finally get serious about nationalizing Stacey Abrams’ winning organizing model.

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