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Fox News Host Confronts Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s Sudden Mask Embrace

Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News Wednesday morning to heap praise on her boss for what news anchors have been calling his “new tone” in the previous day’s coronavirus task force briefing—his first in several months. She was met with some unexpectedly tough pushback from host Martha MacCallum. 

“I think it was incredibly important for the president of the United States to provide information to the public, not confrontation with some press people there who were asking questions that had nothing to do with the development of vaccines and therapeutics,” Conway said, perhaps alluding to the question about alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell that prompted Trump to admit he’s met her “numerous times over the years” and “wish her well.” 

When the White House counselor started lecturing “all those people out there who are resisting wearing a mask,” telling them, “you’ll get your liberties back sooner if you wear your mask,” MacCallum cut in to press her on why it’s taken so long for the president to arrive at this messaging. 

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