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Fox News Climbed Up by Dragging American Down

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I often dream of taking the DeLorean time machine back to October 7, 1996, the official launch of Fox News over 25 years ago.

Would I have been able to save American democracy, truth, vaccines, and horses in desperate need of ivermectin if I intervened and warned about the destructive effect of the new conservative news channel started by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian immigrant and media tycoon, and Roger Ailes, a right-wing political strategist and cultural warrior? Would family members have been able to save their relatives from being radicalized and weaponized by this right-wing propaganda network cosplaying as a news channel?

Would media and political gatekeepers have then start listening to the people of color, media experts, and scholars who had been continuously warning about normalizing the conservative media ecosystem, whose viewers would eventually renounce a life-saving vaccine, reject legitimate election results, and end up supporting violent insurrectionists who overtook the US Capitol a quarter century later?

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