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Former GOP Rep: My Party Didn’t Just Leave Me, ‘They Were Beamed Up by Aliens’

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Ronald Reagan used to say that he didn’t leave the Democratic party to become a Republican, the Democratic party left him. Former Republican congressman and NSA official Denver Riggleman was never a Democrat, but as more of a social libertarian than a conservative one—he got skewered by his fellow conservatives for officiating a same-sex marriage—he feels the same way about his party.

In this episode of The New Abnormal, Denver tells host Molly Jong-Fast that his party didn’t just abandon him, but they were abducted by aliens, too. This guy wrote a whole book about Bigfoot (Fun fact: he went on a Bigfoot expedition instead of going to dinner with his wife) and he says the far-right conspiracy theorists perplex him to no end—and pose a huge threat of violence.

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