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Fiona Hill Doesn’t Think the Russians Had Anything on Trump

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Fiona Hill’s unflinching testimony about President Trump using Ukraine for a “domestic political errand” to undermine a political rival made the British-born scholar an instant feminist icon. One of the final and most memorable “fact witnesses” in Trump’s first impeachment trial, she shone a light on non-partisan public servants like herself as she set out in riveting detail the parallel tracks of a White House going through the motions of advancing the nation’s interests while exploring deals to advance Trump’s self-interest and ensure his re-election.

“Essentially, he was promoting national security for his family – and a foreign policy to fit his own personal ambitions and world view,” Hill says. “It’s not We the People – it’s Me the People,” a phrase she invokes repeatedly in her new memoir, There Is Nothing for You Here, a title that draws on her experience growing up in an impoverished town in northern England, the daughter of a coal miner.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Hill called the ex-president “a counter-intelligence and national security risk because he was so vulnerable to manipulation based on the fragility of his ego.” She recalled Trump’s “nasty list,” a growing number of people who ticked him off in ways large and small. She was shocked that a man raised in such luxury, who’d never been denied anything, could be so insecure. “Anyone could induce him to do something by raising the specter of someone insulting him – or by praising him. His ideology was idolatry,” she said.

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