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FEC Finally Exposes an Attempt To Trick Hillary Clinton Supporters Out of Their Votes in 2016

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An international team of 4chan shitposters created a fake Hillary Clinton website in 2016 designed to make people think they could vote over the Internet, sparking a Federal Election Commission investigation into whether the effort was linked to Russian election meddling, according to an FEC General Counsel’s investigation filed in May 2020.

After dragging its feet on the nearly five-year-long investigation, the FEC has finally published its answer: it (probably) wasn’t the Russian government behind the site.

Just days before the 2016 election, an international group of posters on 4chan came together to create a fake Hillary Clinton website which aimed to deceive Black American voters “into believing that they could vote for Clinton via the Website rather than at a polling location.” It also solicited donations for the Clinton campaign, which is prohibited under federal law.

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