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Far-Right YouTuber Tim Pool Is the Latest Ivermectin Poster Boy

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One-man YouTube brand and far-right darling Tim Pool came down with a nasty case of COVID-19, along with many members of his staff, after hosting a maskless comedy night with far-right performers. This, however, did not make him a vaccine convert. Instead, with the help of podcaster Joe Rogan, Pool—who started as an Occupy Wall Street livestreamer and built a video empire out of white nationalist talking points—has become the latest poster boy for the dubious treatment of the virus with ivermectin.

On the latest episode of Fever Dreams, journalist Robert Silverman talks about how Pool’s team handled their COVID outbreak after they came down sick at their compound in rural Maryland, which doubles as a skateboard park.

Pool was so ill at one point, as he himself recounted, he thought he would have to go to the emergency room and begged urgent-care doctors for help. Then Pool turned to Rogan, who pushed him towards ivermectin. Later, Pool—who also received monoclonal antibodies—helped pay the bills of some of the people around him who got ill, although he resisted answering Silverman’s questions as to whether he’d alerted the 200-odd other people at the comedy show about his positive diagnosis.

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