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Even When He’s Courting Us, Trump Keeps Insulting Black Folks

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I’m exhausted, and I’m speaking for all of us. This presidency has seemingly lasted forever, and the primary season felt like an endurance test.

But more specifically, I’m tired of Donald Trump’s incessant lying, his transparent racism, his oozing of toxicity. There was plenty of all of that on display during the final presidential debate, which again saw Trump square off against Joe Biden, this time with a competent moderator in Kristen Welker—only the second Black woman to moderate a presidential debate. On the one hand, watching the event only made me more tired. On the other hand, I got a teeny rush when I remembered this was the last debate and that there may soon be no more President Trump to watch.

The kindest thing I will say about Trump is that he has not allowed the presidency to change him—he’s still the same racist his white supremacist backers voted for back in 2016. During the section dedicated to race, Welker asked both candidates to speak to Black and brown parents who are forced to give their kids “The Talk,” a conversation “to prepare their children for the chance that they could be targeted, including by the police, for no reason other than the color of their skin.” Biden acknowledged how racism supersedes class, how anti-Black discrimination and violence forces Black folks to make decisions in the name of proactive and predictive self-protection.

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