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Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden Have Same Problem: Getting the Left to Vote

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Emmanuel Macron once held hands with Donald Trump. I just don’t see Joe Biden doing that.

Macron is 44. Biden will be 80 in November. Macron, a former finance minister and the son of a physician and a professor of neurology, studied philosophy and worked as an investment banker. Biden grew up in a middle-class home in Pennsylvania and Delaware. His father ultimately enjoyed some success as a car salesman. Macron is very French. Biden is American as apple pie. The politics of France and the U.S. are very different.

Yet, in the wake of Macron’s victory in the first round of France’s presidential elections this past weekend, senior officials in the White House are watching the run-up to the final round of French voting very closely. For all the differences between the two leaders, their political fates turn on a common challenge: Both must mobilize voters on the political left to ensure that their countries do not make a hard right turn with potentially devastating domestic and international consequences.

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