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Dr. Trump’s Desperate Attempts to Revive Himself Flatlines

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So there he was, the leader of the free world, the President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump behind the White House podium again, ready at long last to lead this country from the darkness of the pandemic he’s ignored and the economic collapse he’s created.

It was not, however, a press conference with much sizzle or, for that matter, steak. Trump seemed a bit lost, even when grinding his stolid way through the scripted portions of his performance. It was less his usual edge of fury and contempt, and more “I didn’t poop my diaper, Mommy.”

Of course, in the eyes of his fans and a few rubes, today Was the Day Donald Trump Finally Became President, Part 46,232. This was Trump desperately trying to play the role of president, as a D-grade actor might in a straight-to-video flick that makes Sharknado look like Lawrence of Arabia. It was a solo act, and likely will remain so; the sciency scientists who like science weren’t there to eye-roll, gasp, or contradict Dr. Trump, noted virologist. 

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