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Dr. Deborah Birx’s Bid to Salvage Her Reputation Is Too Little, Too Late


History, we’re told, is written by the winners. But the first draft is often composed by whiners.

Hear the sonorous excuses for standing by Trump as hundreds of thousands of American died unnecessarily that former coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Birx offered in an hour-long look-back at the pandemic on CNN Sunday night, telling Dr. Sanjay Gupta that after the first 100,000 U.S. deaths from the virus, “all of the rest … could have been mitigated or decreased substantially.” She also complained about the personal crises she endured like a “very uncomfortable” call from the president after she warned about the pandemic’s severity on TV.

Donald Trump shot back in a lengthy statement on Monday, defending his handling of COVID while calling Birx “a proven liar with very little credibility left” and Dr. Anthony Fauci—who also appeared in the program and who the former president said, “would ask not to be in the same room as her”—“the king of ‘flip-flops.’” He then congratulated himself for not following the advice of “self-promoters” with “bad instincts and faulty recommendations.”

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