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‘Don’t Be Scared, Honey:’ Biden Goes Full Reassurer-in-Chief at Town Hall

Leah Millis/Reuters

In the weeks since his inauguration, President Joe Biden has publicly taken on the role of reassurer-in-chief, telling Americans that the long-promised solution to the coronavirus pandemic and the rebuilding of the nation’s economy are on their way.

“Don’t be scared, honey—don’t be scared,” Biden told an attendee during a town hall event at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee on Tuesday evening. “You’re gonna be fine, and we’re gonna make sure that Mommy’s fine too.”

Biden’s words of comfort were intended to assuage the fears of a seven-year-old girl worried about the pandemic’s effect on children, but they channeled the tone of many of his public remarks since taking office last month: encouraging, but never overpromising, even if the audience might prefer it otherwise.

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