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Donald Trump (R-Mar-a-Lago) Is the Republican Party Now

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Republicans, it’s 11 pm: Do you know where your party is?

Donald Trump didn’t make off with the silverware when he checked out. Instead he took the GOP with him, as if the White House were one of his hotels and the party consisted of miniature bottles of shampoo and shower gel. So much for whispers that his impeachment would give the establishment a chance to purge him. Instead, repeating the 2017 mistake when the “adults” kept waiting for Trump to pivot to being presidential, they realized too late that they had created a monster beyond their control.

History is repeating itself. For a while, it looked like there would be a post-election battle for the soul of the party but the party folded with hardly a skirmish. Any Republican with the idea of opening up daylight between themselves and Trump, or building their own following, listen up: Trump may have lost the election, but he hasn’t lost the party.

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