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Donald Trump Hates Being President, Hates Losing, and Hates the Americans About to Make Him a Losing President

Drew Angerer

Donald Trump’s aides tried their best to explain to The Daily Beast’s Asawin Suebsaeng that POTUS really does have an agenda for a second term, but, as the headline says, his real reason is fear of becoming a one-term loser.

He doesn’t want to accomplish much of anything as a matter of policy. There is a war going on in what passes for Trump’s soul, and because he’s such a needy, turbulent 5-year-old whose life is a nonstop freak show, we are all inevitably sucked into that war, which is this: He wants to win, but he doesn’t want any of the responsibilities that actually come with being president.

He wants to win the election, that much is clear, because to him far more than most people, life is about winning, and if you’re an incumbent president and you lose re-election, you will be remembered as an all-time loser. No getting around that. Jimmy Carter—loser. George H.W. Bush—loser. There are more important reasons to want to see Joe Biden crush Trump in November, but very high on my list will be the joy of knowing that Donald John Trump will go down in history as a huge loser, especially if he gets trounced.

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