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DNC Preps for the Most Important Zoom Meeting

Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Even by the preposterous standards of 2020, the road to the Democratic National Convention has been an unpredictable one.

In 12 short months, the Democratic Party’s vision for quadrennial confab has changed from a coronation for one of dozens of potential nominees to an almost entirely virtual affair, with speakers beamed in from around the nation, turning the traditional week-long political schmooze-fest into perhaps the most ambitious Zoom meeting in history.

But beyond the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which has shrunk the scale of the convention from the typical 10-hour speech-a-thon with $500,000 “Platinum” boxes and rock concerts into a tightly programmed—and even more tightly edited—event, the thought of what could be this year’s DNC has undergone multiple personality changes. 

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