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Dems Use Trump’s Existence to Justify a Government Gone Wild


As Joe Biden seeks to become the Six Trillion Dollar Man, Democrats are conjuring convenient excuses for downplaying budget concerns and steamrolling Republicans.

So much of what we believe has to do with the stories we tell ourselves about the past. If we believe that we have been cheated or victimized, then we have justification to do pretty much anything we want. After what Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell put them through, Democrats think they have excuses out the wazoo.

They seem to have taken the line about how “if God doesn’t exist, then everything is permitted” and updated it to “because Trump exists, now everything is permitted.” Progressives who were perfectly happy to have a conservative like me dogging Trump for his big spending and go-it-alone approach are furious when I call out Biden for his big spending and go-it-alone approach.

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