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Dems Urged Not to ‘Waste a Second’ Negotiating as Republicans Back Away From COVID Relief

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Democrats are facing new objections from Republicans over the Biden administration’s COVID-19 relief package, a maddening reality that has set off alarm bells among progressives who fear hard-fought issues could be left on the chopping block.

While President Joe Biden has long touted a working ability to inspire bipartisanship, some on the party’s left wing are already warning against spending too much time trying to negotiate with the GOP, citing double control in the House and Senate and playing up the importance of providing fast monetary relief to Americans during the pandemic.

“Democrats need to just plow ahead,” said Larry Cohen, chairman of Our Revolution, a grassroots network that supported Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential bids. “It’s great if [Sen. Marco] Rubio (R-FL) and others who made noises show that we can build a broader coalition on critical issues, but it can’t wait.”

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