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Democrats Ditch Cuomo and Expose GOP’s Trump Addiction


A month ago, after the Senate delivered its impeachment verdict, I wrote a column talking smack about Ben Sasse over his post-verdict Facebook statement. Sasse voted to convict Donald Trump, so he was getting a lot of mainstream cred at the time, and some of his statement was unobjectionable, but then he got to the part where he wrote that “if we were talking about a Democratic president, most Republicans and most Democrats would simply swap sides. Tribalism is a hell of a drug…”

The point of the column was that no, Democrats would not behave toward a Democratic president who incited an armed siege against the temple of our democracy in anything like the same way Republicans behaved toward Trump. I thought it was a strong argument, but of course, since there was no Democratic chief executive accused of serious wrongdoing, it was largely hypothetical.

Well, now there is a Democratic chief executive accused of serious wrongdoing. And what are Democrats saying about Andrew Cuomo? Are they coddling him? Are they making excuses for him? Are they rushing past reporters, pretending that they didn’t read or hear the governor’s latest comments?

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