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Dem Rep. Ro Khanna Quietly Backs Away From Matt Gaetz After Claiming They ‘Hang Out’


Days before scandal engulfed Matt Gaetz’s career, Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna went on Fox News to boast of his unlikely friendship with the MAGA congressman and claim the pair “even hang out.”

This week, however, as Gaetz faces a full-blown legal and political crisis, Khanna seems to have cooled on their friendship.

Gaetz and Khanna have long been touted as an example of bipartisanship during the Trump era, with the pair having appeared multiple times together in various media to demonstrate their bond. Last year, for example, HBO political documentary The Swamp showed the two working to block the White House from waging war with Iran. Over the summer, Khanna publicly called on Gaetz to “team up” to stop an amendment that would prevent a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

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