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Dem Hawks Quietly Seethe Over Biden’s Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

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When Rep. Jim Langevin (D-RI) watched the final scenes of the U.S. war in Afghanistan unfold on Sunday, he decided to do something few other Democrats did: publicly blame President Joe Biden.

Unlike some Democratic critics of Biden’s Afghanistan policy, however, Langevin wasn’t just criticizing his president for how he withdrew American military forces from the country; he laid into Biden for withdrawing troops at all.

Langevin, who has served on the House Armed Services Committee since the war began in 2001, wrote an op-ed in Foreign Policy on Tuesday arguing that the “catastrophe” unfolding in Kabul—now defined forever by images of a desperate effort from U.S. citizens and Afghan allies to flee after a rapid Taliban takeover—was why he opposed Biden’s plan to withdraw by the 20-year anniversary of the conflict.

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