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Defiant Biden Doubles Down on Afghan Withdrawal: ‘I Stand Squarely Behind My Decision’

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For two decades, the United States has tried to create a stable, secure Afghanistan, President Joe Biden told the nation on Monday. But in the end, the president asserted, the Afghan government just didn’t want it enough.

As thousands of people desperately seek means of escape from the once again ascendant Taliban in Afghanistan, Biden acknowledged that both Republican and Democratic administrations shared blame for the chaotic end of the American occupation of Afghanistan—but saved his harshest criticism for Afghan leadership and security forces, declaring forcefully that U.S. troops could not be expected to fight and die in a war “that Afghan forces are not willing to fight themselves.”

While saddened, Biden said he did not regret the decision to pull out of Afghanistan and insisted that the bloodshed could have been brought to an end years before.

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