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De Blasio’s Done, and the Joke’s on New York City

Stephanie Keith

The presidential campaign of a leader who’d inadvertently killed a groundhog lived up to its low expectations before ending with a whimper on Friday. Some might have thought that Mayor de Blah Blah’s unpopularity at home would have made him think twice about running for the highest elected office in the country, but reality has never been a problem for the man with “the dubious distinction of being the single most unpopular political figure in the entirety of New York State.”

In August, a Siena College poll showed that he was less popular in deep-blue New York State than Donald Trump. I mean 76 percent of New Yorkers didn’t want him to run for president. Vox did an explainer called “Why Bill de Blasio is so hated, explained,” while 538 added, helpfully, “probably de Blasio’s biggest problem was simply that Democratic voters did not like him, which is quite an unusual place to be among voters of one’s own party.” 

But luckily for those of us who enjoy political hijinks, he persisted and hilarity ensued.  

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