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Damn Right Jan. 6 Was a Coup—This Was Trump's Call That Led There

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It was just after Christmas with eviction from the White House imminent and the clown crew led by Rudy getting nowhere in its campaign to overturn the election when Donald Trump personally phoned the apolitical Justice Department to pressure the Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen for help.

According to documents that the Justice Department has now turned over to Congress, and that were made public for the first time on Friday, Trump called to discuss his phony voter fraud claims, as if the very political William Barr hadn’t conceded, on his way out the door, that despite looking, he’d found none.

When reminded of that by Rosen, and of the fact Justice couldn’t change an election anyway, Trump said not to worry. All he needed was just one word from him: “Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me.”

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