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COVID Task Force Advisers: The White House Is Still Cherry Picking Pandemic Safety Rules

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Health experts working with President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force are accusing White House officials of ignoring the guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as they try to stop the spread of the coronavirus within their complex.

Over the last several days, Trump administration officials have attempted to quickly pull together a plan to mitigate the burgeoning outbreak in the White House. But as positive test results have poured in, officials have struggled to make decisions about who should be asked to work from home, whether White House personnel should wear protective masks and even if they should begin contact tracing, three sources familiar with that process told The Daily Beast.

Caught off guard by the significant uptick in new cases, White House officials have turned to the CDC, which is the definitive source of information about how communities can manage the spread of COVID-19 spread. But instead of fully embracing the CDC’s guidelines, the White House has selectively chosen which provisions to adhere to, two senior administration health officials said.

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