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Conservatives Hate ‘Moochers’ More Than They Love Americans

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The moocher class is back. You’ll recall that the reviled demographic made its most dramatic public appearance during the 2012 campaign, when Mother Jones’ David Corn got that video of Mitt Romney telling some swells at a private fundraiser that 47 percent of voters were bound to vote for Barack Obama because they love all the free stuff the gummint gives ’em. 

Today, no one is talking openly about the “moocher class” but  hatred of these alleged teat swillers is entirely what’s behind the obscene Republican delay in re-upping on unemployment insurance. 

And yes, I know Donald Trump bowed enough to political reality to sign an executive order over the weekend partially restoring the payments. But he lowered the amount to $400, which will adversely affect millions of people. And anyway, it’s just unconscionable that Congress let the payments expire in the first place. This is Congress’ job. 

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