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Clinton Vets to Biden: Sh*t’s Just Gonna Get Worse

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As Joe Biden’s campaign braces itself for an onslaught of highly dubious accusations from Donald Trump over Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine, Democratic veterans of the last presidential election are watching in horror. 

Nearly three years after their boss was on the receiving end of Trump’s attacks, former aides to Hillary Clinton recognized the current Trump playbook: allegations of corruption amplified by his allies and the conservative media, followed by the mainstream press adding more oxygen to the scandal by treating it as a horse race story rather than a misinformation campaign. 

As a result, they are sounding the alarm, urging Biden’s campaign to be extremely careful with how they handle the fallout, arguing that missteps will be twisted and exploited sometimes before a cohesive pushback strategy can be crafted. And, they warn, it’s not just Biden’s problem to tackle. 

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