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Capitol Riot Suspects Are On a PR Blitz

Police Handouts

According to federal indictments, Kelly and Connie Meggs are members of the Oath Keepers militia who used the chaos around the U.S. Capitol riot to enter the building in an organized “stack.” Dressed in camouflage, the husband-and-wife pair from Florida can be seen on security footage illegally entering the Capitol and walking around the building with fellow Oath Keepers.

Kelly Meggs, according to prosecutors, is an Oath Keepers leader with the alias “OK Gator.” Both of the Meggs are facing conspiracy charges for their alleged role in the riot.

To sympathetic readers of the right-wing blog The Gateway Pundit, though, the Meggs are humble farmers unfairly abducted by the federal government and forced to deal with some loose donkeys. In a Tuesday post on Gateway Pundit, blogger Jim Hoft claimed the Meggs are on the verge of losing their farm after an FBI raid in which, they claim, the FBI accidentally freed their donkeys.

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