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Can Biden Break the Back of the White Supremacist Movement?


The “fight for the soul of the nation” wasn’t won with Joe Biden’s election—and unless the president-elect plans to wage that battle with the full power of every part of the federal government he’s set to lead, it may not be won at all.

That’s the consensus of experts in white supremacist movements and far-right radicalization, who told The Daily Beast that the continued rise of racist extremism in the United States is a deeper and more insidious problem than even Biden may realize, and one that can’t simply be resolved by one election or by any single government agency.

“We’ve seen a massive growth among the far right over the last four years,” Cassie Miller, a senior research analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told The Daily Beast. “It’s a movement that has existed in some form in American politics for as long as the country’s been around, but I think the far-right extremist movement adapts to the current political situation very effectively.”

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