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Black Lives Matter Sues to Stop Trump’s Chicago Crackdown

Scott Olson

A day after President Trump announced that over 200 federal officers will swarm into Chicago, representatives of the city’s Black Lives Matter chapter and affiliated movements have filed a lawsuit to prevent what they consider the repression to come. 

Black Lives Matter v. Wolf, filed on Thursday in Chicago federal court, seeks an injunction “permanently enjoining” Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security personnel from using violence against protesters, making arrests without probable cause, concealing the identities of themselves or their agencies while conducting arrests, and other tactics used in Portland.

“Our request for relief relates to the activities of federal agents here in Chicago. It’s not that they not be deployed here, it’s about their activities when they’re here,” explained Theresa Kleinhaus of Chicago’s Loewy and Loewy firm, one of several attorneys behind the lawsuit.

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