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Biden’s White House Worries: Will Dems Take ‘Yes’ for an Answer?


On the verge of another historic success in a year full of them, Democrats across Washington are already worrying about how they may squander it.

The president, the speaker of the House, the Senate majority leader and their teams may be days away from passing transformative legislation that will invest trillions in the U.S. economy. They may well, after months of ugly legislative sausage-making, overcome GOP obstructionism, internal divisions, and media narratives that always seem to emphasize the cloud around every silver lining produced by the White House. The Build Back Better and infrastructure packages would be capstones to a year of extraordinary accomplishments.

And yet, in private, many Democrats are fretting they still may snatch defeat from the jaws of landmark victories. White House and Capitol Hill hands fear that, even with the passage of the Build Back Better bill and the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Dems will either fail to frame their achievements in a way that resonates with average Americans or let their frustrations about what has yet to be achieved undercut the benefits that should accrue to them for what has been.

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