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Biden to Reporters: ‘That's a Serious Question, Right?’

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In his first press conference as president, Joe Biden was asked several questions about the filibuster—and he answered with several of his own.

For more than an hour, Biden fielded questions on a sprawling range of issues. He talked about the elimination of the filibuster (not there yet), the flood of unaccompanied minors crossing the border (Trump’s fault, they’re working on it), the move to restrict voting rights in some Republican-led state legislatures (“it is sick”), whether he’ll run again in 2024 (that’s the plan), Afghanistan (the U.S. is leaving…at some point, maybe), the U.S. relationship with China (it’s complicated), gun violence (new restrictions are coming, eventually) and infrastructure spending (that plan is coming next week).

Many of his answers were long and winding versions of what he’s said in the past. Others were revealing.

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