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Biden Reclaimed God From the Trumpist Zealots

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For four long years, the most influential public faces of religion have been right-wing extremists who had previously been too wacky for primetime, like prosperity-gospel grifter Paula White, now best known for summoning angels from Africa to ensure a Donald Trump victory.

Meanwhile, less wacky but equally hard-right figures, like former Vice President Mike Pence and former Attorney General William Barr, described themselves as being in a war for the soul of the nation. That war has two sides: the religious and the secular, with the “religious” in question being conservative, and the liberals always being atheistic. On one side: God, Family, and Country, all defined in conservative, nationalistic terms. On the other: the degenerate secular hedonism of (pick your enemy) globalists, coastal elites, Hollywood, the media, Jews, or the pedophile cabal imagined by the QAnon conspiracy.

But as we saw today, that binary is bullshit.

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